Name: DK-5F Automatic Car Washer With High Pressure
Model: DK-5F

Soft 5 foam brushes,4 strong blowers, main electrical components from famous supplies, such as Mitsubishi ,Schneider,Truck,etc.


:Technical parameters:

Machine Size


Rail Size

8150MM*3200MM (L* W)

Swing arm Size

2850MM (H)

Vehicle Size


Assembling Range


Air Supply

Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa

Total Electrical Capacity

12 KW

Total Power

17.525 KW

Maximum Operating Power

11.4 KW

Various Components Power

Top brush 0.3KW*1


Side brush 0.3KW*2


Small brush 0.2KW*2


Conveyor traveling 0.2KW*2


Water Pump 0.75KW*1


Dryer 5.5KW*2 High pressure pump 4KW*1 Swing motor 0.025KW*3

Water Consumption

125 L /Car

Washable Car

car, jeep, coach below 9 seats

Washing Time

1 roll over wash: 3mins, 2 roll over wash: 5 mins

Washing Ways

1 roll over economy wash 2 roll over standard wash

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

   DK-5F Automatic car washing machine is equipped with new-generation car model detection technology which is featured as combination of various ways of car washing and fast speed of cleaning, the profiling air-dry technology ensures the efficient drying , the combination of various ways of washing improves the washing speed, the hot-dip galvanized frame ensure a longer service time.


· Professional washes for cars, jeeps and all kinds of coaches below 9 seats.

· Adopting advanced technology and full module design, this can be combined to more than ten different functions for different needs.

· The main electrical components are imported from famous foreign factory, which can ensure safe and reliable

· Unique fault self-testing system, Waterproof motor, profiling powerful air-dry-system.

· Adopting the advanced high pressure system, Pre-swing high pressure water wash does not hurt the car.

· Hot-dip Galvanizing (Zinc layer> 70 um) frame.

· Maintenance-free of polymer materials roller and TN lifting mechanism.

· Japanese EVA brushes to prevent injury car.

Optional under chassis wash systems and water recycling system.

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